Certified Translation
What is a Certified or Sworn translation and when do you need it?

When you have to submit translated documents to official authorities, you often need more than just a regular translation.

Certified or sworn translations are the work of professional translators who have taken an oath before the court. These certified translators sign and apply their stamp and declaration to the translation, which is called "certification".

Certified translations with a digital signatures of the sworn translator are valid for all official purposes, but a physical copy can be delivered if needed.

If you intend to use the translation outside of Belgium, we can legalize it for you at the Ministry of Justice and request an electronic apostille at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We can also acquire stamps from the relevant consulate, embassy, or another ministry for you.

Certified translations are often required for marriage certificates, birth certificates, residence certificates, diplomas, or other official documents that have to be submitted to official authorities.

Certifiedtranslations.be entrusts both the translation and review of your sworn translation to certified professionals. We always apply our strict quality control measures to the sworn translation.

Do you have a document that requires a certified translation? You can use our easy calculator below to receive an instant price and deadline for your certified translation, place your order and we will get started straight away!

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